Tension fabric display frames to really make a statement.

Built with our unique Spirit-TEX™ tension fabric system, the possibilities are endless with Spirit Display’s fabric display frames. Perfect in retail environments or at exhibitions and events; whatever your specific requirements, we can manufacture a display frame to suit your needs, whether you are looking for wall mounted, freestanding or even curved options.

Product Specifications

  • Compatible with standard silicone (SEG) and Spirit-TEX™ gripper

  • Silver anodised, black and white from stock

  • Profiles can be curved and shaped

Product Details

The Spirit-TEX™ Fabric System is a unique family of aluminium display profiles combining all the best properties of a textile display system. Spirit-TEX™ solves many of the common challenges in producing textile displays. The Spirit-TEX™ Gripper is the key to this innovative solution. It eliminates the need for additional finishing equipment and staffing, while still providing a flawless result. Spirit-TEX™ is superior at tensioning textiles even at very large sizes, while at the same time, still fully compatible with a stitch-on silicone keder.

Product Variations

  • Wall mounted

  • Hanging and freestanding

  • Curved and shaped

  • Cube and 3D

  • Illuminated

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Tailor-made, out-of-the-box display frames for retail,
exhibitions and events.

Spirit Displays provides custom-built display solutions to our clients. Our display products are manufactured with our industry-leading tension and fabric systems which are made to measure and are flexible in their design, allowing for various applications and installations, no matter how challenging. Our exceptional attention to detail ensures that every time a Spirit Display product is used, no matter the environment, we make our customers look great.

Panel Displays

Created using our Spirit-SIGN™ rigid panel systems, these are perfect for wall mounted, 3D, hanging or illuminated display frames.

Flex Displays

Our Spirit-FLEX™ display frames are a popular for customers requiring tension banners for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Keder Displays

Keder-TRACK profiles are commonly used for everything from backdrops in shop windows to very large hanging structures at exhibitions.

All Products

Have a look at an overview of our entire product range to see which of our solutions would work for your specific requirements.