A simple, practical solution for rigid panel media displays.

The Spirit-SIGN™ system from Spirit Displays are perfect for rigid panel media, providing a replacement for folded trays or traditional slide-in display frames. Available with or without frame bezel, this system is perfect for acrylic, aluminium composite (Dibond™) and push-thru letter signs. If you are looking for a simple visual display system, our Spirit-SIGN™ system offers a cost-effective solution.

Product Specifications

  • Range of profile depths

  • Easy to fabricate with steel corner cleats

  • Use magnetic or VHB tape for faces

Product Details

Spirit-SIGN™ incorporates all of our profiles for rigid panel sign frames. Traditional framed options have a hinged opening to allow acrylic faces to be slid on one side. The frameless option allows for faces to be front-loaded with either magnetic tape for changeable displays or VHB adhesive tape for permanent signs

Product Variations

  • Framed or frameless

  • Non-illuminated or lightbox

  • Silver anodised as stock

Spirit-SIGN™ System in Application

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Our exceptional quality fabricated aluminium profile systems
are easy-to-use and fully customisable.

Spirit Displays has developed innovative, flexible and highly customisable solutions for the graphic display industry which are distributed globally through our network of international partners. We are a solutions-driven provider of high-quality tension banner display frames, which can be tailor-made to suit any application or display requirement.


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Keder-TRACK Profiles

Our Keder-TRACK profiles are manufactured from high-quality, anodised aluminium and provide an elegant and strong hanging system for virtually any application.


Our Truck-SKINZ™ systems offer a quick-change banner system for effective, durable vehicle branding for rigid-side trucks and refrigerated vehicles.