Soft signage solutions for interior applications.

Our fabric face signage, built with our Spirit-TEX™ system, enables all printers to enter the world of soft signage marketing, the latest trend in the signage industry. Our fabric face signage solutions combine all the best properties of textile graphic systems, allowing production at very large sizes, perfect for making a bold statement in any environment or application.

Product Specifications

  • Compatible with standard silicone and Spirit-TEX™ gripper

  • Silver anodised, black and white from stock

  • Can be curved and shaped

Product Details

The Spirit-TEX™ Fabric System is a unique family of aluminium profiles for soft-signage. A wide range of profiles from a retrofit channel to a 120mm deep double-sided lightbox. Spirit-TEX™ solves many of the common challenges in producing textile signs. The Spirit-TEX™ Gripper is the key to this innovative solution. It eliminates the need for additional finishing equipment and staffing, while still providing a flawless result. Spirit-TEX™ is superior at tensioning textiles even at very large sizes, while at the same time, still fully compatible with a stitch-on silicone keder.

Product Variations

  • Wall mounted

  • Double-sided

  • Shaped

  • Illuminated

  • Custom

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Customised interior and exterior
signage solutions.

Spirit Displays offers a range of interior and exterior signage solutions, utilising our high-quality, custom-fabricated systems. Suited to all types of media, if you are looking for professionally finished, perfectly fitted signage, choose from one of our three different face options. All of our signage systems are easy to use and assemble, giving you the ability to fit your own face to the frame, whether that’s just once, or once a month.

Flex Face   //   Rigid Face

Flex Face

We offer a wide range of flex face signage products which can be wall mounted, double sided, shaped and illuminated.

Rigid Face

Utilising our Spirit-SIGN™ systems, our rigid face signage options are perfect for acrylic, aluminium composite and push-through letter signage.

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Have a look at an overview of our entire product range to see which of our solutions would work for your specific requirements.