Fabric face LED lightbox solutions, perfect for retail and exhibitions.

Our fabric face lightboxes are manufactured using Spirit Displays’ Spirit-TEX™ fabric tensioning system, allowing for an exceptionally slim frame, from as shallow as 27mm. Because our fabric face lightboxes are so slim and can be produced to support prints on a large scale, they are perfect for retail and exhibition spaces where graphics really need to stand out.

Product Specifications

  • 27mm, 40mm, 65mm, 100mm, 120mm profile depths just for lightboxes

  • Tried and tested LED solutions

  • All profiles compatible with Spirit-TEX™ Gripper system

Product Details

Our Fabric face lightboxes come in a range of depths each with the best possible lighting solution to achieve even illumination across the face regardless of the fabric used. Fabric lightboxes are ideal from small self-change silicone edge solutions to entire illuminated wall wraps. Larger boxes are built in sections with easy to install plug-and-go connections. Curved and shaped lightboxes are our speciality.

Product Variations

  • Single-sided

  • Double-sided

  • Part illuminated

  • Shaped or curved

  • Corner/column wrap

  • Dynamic

Our Lightbox Products

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Cost-effective, high-quality lightbox solutions
for visual impact where you need it most.

LED lightboxes are often the display method of choice as they offer a cost-effective way to create engaging and impactful retail, exhibition and event displays for increased brand awareness. Spirit Displays offers a range of profiles and LED lightbox solutions to meet all display requirements. Designed with our innovative aluminium display frame systems, our lightbox solutions are tailormade to suit any installation requirement, whether indoors or outdoors.

Flex Face

Spirit Displays’ high-quality flex face lightbox profiles are recommended for use with PVC banners, in either internal or external applications.

Rigid Panel Face

Using our Spirit-SIGN™ range of profiles, our rigid panel face lightboxes are the traditional option when illuminated displays are required.

All Products

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