A fabric banner system which offers flexibility for large scale applications.

The Spirit-TEX™ Fabric Tensioning System from Spirit Displays is a unique range of aluminium display profiles which solves many common challenges in producing tension fabric displays. It offers compatibility with dye-sub, UV and latex printed fabrics, a greater tolerance for large sizes and a simpler finish without the need for stitching, Spirit-TEX™ displays are always perfectly tensioned.

Product Specifications

  • Compatible with 14mm silicone and Spirit-TEX™ gripper

  • Profiles held in 3060mm (10′) and 6130mm (20′) lengths

  • Small wall frames to large structural builds

Product Details

Spirit-TEX™ is an improvement on existing silicone edge graphic (SEG) frames. Spirit Displays recognises the benefit of SEG and the system caters for those who want to use it purely as a silicone edge system.

There are however still situations where correct sizing of fabrics poses a problem. This is especially true when they are very large, very small, or of irregular shape. The use of silicone to the top edge with the introduction of the add-on gripper profile means that tensioning these fabrics is easy to do during the installation process. As a result, pre-building frames to test that the graphics fit is no longer necessary which saves time, space and money.

There are also users who don’t enter the SEG market because of the investment in sewing equipment and skilled people to operate it. Spirit-TEX™ offers them the opportunity to create fabric graphics without this expense.

With Spirit-TEX™, the fabric graphics market becomes more accessible for ALL graphics companies to produce a high quality finished product.

For more information on our Spirit-TEX™ patents, click here.

Product Variations

  • Silver, black and white as standard stock

  • Single- and double-sided

  • Non-illuminated and lightbox profiles

Spirit-TEX™ Fabric System in Application

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Our exceptional quality fabricated aluminium profile systems
are easy-to-use and fully customisable.

Spirit Displays has developed innovative, flexible and highly customisable solutions for the graphic display industry which are distributed globally through our network of international partners. We are a solutions-driven provider of high-quality tension banner display frames, which can be tailor-made to suit any application or display requirement.


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